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Terms and conditions

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Under the terms indicated here, NIÑA BONITA does not assume any responsibility for the information provided on the page, including, but not limited to, that referring to products and / or services, notes of interest, opinions, practical advice and solution of concerns. . NIÑA BONITA does not assume any responsibility for problems or for the inability to use the site or any of the pages that make it up, including but not limited to events such as server or connection problems, interruptions in communication, technical problems .

NIÑA BONITA reserves the right, at its own discretion, to change, modify, add or delete part of these Terms and Conditions at any time. Please check these terms periodically for any changes. If you continue to use the site after changes to these Terms and Conditions have been posted, it will mean that you accept those changes.

Each of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions will be interpreted separately and independently of the other provisions. If any provision is considered invalid, null or ineffective, it will be considered that said provision can be excluded and will not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

The client will be responsible for the shipping, handling and insurance charges of the products and / or services acquired in NIÑA BONITA, as well as all sales taxes, value added taxes and any other taxes and charges that are caused by each purchase offer accepted. All taxes caused by the purchase will be settled from the moment the client makes his purchase offer on this site, and therefore he will be able to know the exact value that he must pay in favor of NIÑA BONITA, which will include all the aforementioned concepts.

If the shipping charge is not generated, NIÑA BONITA may contact the buyer to confirm and notify of the absence of the charge in their shipping method. If shipping is required, NIÑA BONITA will coordinate with the buyer how to pay for it and will indicate the approximate value to be canceled.

NIÑA BONITA may, at its sole discretion, limit or cancel the quantities purchased per person, per user or per order. In addition, NIÑA BONITA reserves the right to reject any request you make. They are restrictions that may include orders placed by the same account on the NIÑA BONITA website, the same credit / debit card, and orders with the same shipping or billing address.

This limitation is applicable in the same way in purchases made in official stores of NIÑA BONITA. Remaining at the discretion of NIÑA BONITA the references and number of units of these that the client may purchase.

Shipments and deliveries

Due to the health emergency declared by the national government with respect to COVID-19 and as part of our corporate responsibility policy, we adopt the pertinent measures to avoid the contagion and spread of the virus.

We temporarily suspend all the operations of NIÑA BONITA in order to comply with the orders imposed by the national government, resuming again on Monday, April 20 if there is no additional news. Shipments that enter the website from Wednesday, March 24, will be dispatched on the aforementioned date. If you have any concerns you can contact our customer service number +57 3182402971 via whatsapp or by email at ventasninabonitacol@gmail.com

NIÑA BONITA has coverage in Colombia, the United States, Spain, Guatemala, among others.

Communicate via What’sApp to ship to your country.

Dispatches in the Colombian territory may be made under the Standard and express shipping modality if the logistics operator has the service. Standard shipments will be made through the logistics operator “Interrapidisimo” and Express shipments will be made through other logistics operators that may vary depending on the time of the request and the destination city. The shipping process begins from the moment the product leaves the NIÑA BONITA warehouses and ends when it reaches the destination address through the logistics operator.

NIÑA BONITA is not responsible for delays that occur with the deliveries of orders, which are solely due to causes of the logistics operator, including but not limited to weather conditions, interruptions in service or any other condition.

Shipping methods

Orders nationwide are processed and dispatched as soon as the purchase payment is completed at www.ninabonitacol.com. Orders placed after 12:00 am (Military Time) will be processed and shipped the next business day.

Delivery time for major cities is 2 to 4 business days from dispatch. (Medellín, Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga).

The delivery time for neighboring cities and municipalities in the rest of the country is 2 to 5 business days from dispatch.

The contracted logistics provider makes deliveries only on business days from Monday to Friday (Excludes Saturday, Sunday, Holidays or Holidays) from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. (Military time)

The client goes personally to the NIÑA BONITA offices to pick up the product.

By selecting the city and the type of delivery, NIÑA BONITA will automatically calculate the delivery cost. The freight / shipping cost will appear as an additional item to the selected products and can be clearly identified before finalizing your order.

Order status confirmation

NIÑA BONITA will send the user an email with the confirmation of their purchase, specifying the units purchased, the type of shipment and / or any other requested service.

If you have made the payment for your purchase through the Mercado Pago platform, you will receive an email from you with the confirmation and payment values.

The PRE ORDER mode indicates that the product is not available at the time of purchase, therefore it will be dispatched on the date indicated on the product at the time of size selection and prior to adding to the cart. NIÑA BONITA does not assume any responsibility for non-observance of said information and does not acquire any commitment in requesting delivery in advance of the date indicated at the time of purchase at the request of the client.

The dispatch date may be modified by NIÑA BONITA at any time in the event that the latter cannot initially comply with the agreed dispatch date. NIÑA BONITA will notify by email the change of said date and the new estimated delivery date.

In the event that the products in PRE-ORDER cannot be dispatched on the estimated date, the latter may choose to change the reference and / or request a refund of their money. Money refunds will ONLY be accepted when NIÑA BONITA cannot meet the initial date agreed upon at the time of purchase.

NIÑA BONITA will send the user an email with the confirmation that their order has been dispatched with their logistics operator.

NIÑA BONITA will take the purchased products to their destination through their logistics operator. The user will be able to verify the guide number through the logistics operator’s page and will be able to view the status of their guide up to 24 hours after the guide is issued. This is due to updates on the pages of each operator.

NIÑA BONITA may send the user an email confirming that the logistics operator has delivered the product to the final destination and giving a thank you message to its users for the purchase made.

This confirmation is optional and is subject to the discretion of NIÑA BONITA for shipment to the buyer; Therefore, it does not imply any commitment from NIÑA BONITA in sending this email.

Exchange and guarantee policy

NIÑA BONITA gives you the possibility to change your products. The exchange policy applies as follows:

30 calendar days for any shoe store product. The 30 days count from the generation of the invoice for the physical points. For online purchases, the 30 calendar days count from when the product has been delivered to the address indicated by the user.

Due to sanitary regulations, dirty, worn, damaged or washed products will not be accepted. It is the discretion of NIÑA BONITA to decide whether the returned garment is accepted for exchange and / or return. If it is determined that a garment does not meet the terms of care and optimal delivery for exchange and / or return, it will be returned at the customer’s expense

The change request must be requested by email ventasninabonitacol@gmail.com and indicating name, order number and means of purchase (Store, Online, Whatsapp, or others). If the product was a gift, the person can request the change through the email ventasninabonitacol@gmail.com and, if possible, specify the user who gave the gift.

To make the change GIRL BEAUTIFUL you must have the product in your inventory. For better advice, contact customer service through the email ventasninabonitacol@gmail.com.

If the product for which you want to make the change is not in inventory; NIÑA BONITA will proceed to grant the customer a coupon valid for 6 months for the net value of the product (s), not including the transport value. All changes are sent back once the product to be changed is at NIÑA BONITA’s facilities.

The expenses generated by changing discounted products will be borne by the buyer. NIÑA BONITA only assumes the return shipment to the customer (Bodega Ancora – Customer address) when said product has been purchased at the full sale price (No discounts).

NIÑA BONITA will not make refunds of money outside of the admitted causes of these terms. In case of making one or more product changes and not meeting the buyer’s expectations, NIÑA BONITA will generate a coupon for the value of the purchase (They do not include shipping value) with a validity of 6 months from the notification of the generation of the bond. Said voucher or coupon may be transferred with prior notification of the holder to NIÑA BONITA.

NIÑA BONITA only authorizes changes requested through the website or in its official stores. NIÑA BONITA does not accept and authorize changes for purchases made through other distributors. In this case, NIÑA BONITA recommends contacting the distributor or store directly.

The exchange / return conditions apply for national shipments. For the approval of changes, it must be taken into account that:

All products must have their original labels
All product must have the original protectors for product testing (They must not be removed)
The stickers or quality control verifiers should NOT be removed from the garment. These are reference markers that certify the quality control carried out by NIÑA BONITA on the product.
The product must not have been washed or used.

The costs of collecting the product must be borne by the user, who will be in charge directly and under his responsibility, to send the product to the facilities of NIÑA BONITA.

The change of the product will take place once the product to be changed is in the facilities of NIÑA BONITA and the inventory is available. The expenses generated by changing discounted products will be borne by the buyer.

NIÑA BONITA only assumes the return shipment (Bodega Ancora – Customer address) when said product has been purchased with the full sale price (No discounts). This term applies exclusively to the first change made. Subsequent exchange costs are borne by the buyer. NIÑA BONITA may limit the number of shipments per change if it so wishes.

NIÑA BONITA does not make price adjustments in the event that a product is discounted.

PRETTY GIRL only refund of money when PRETTY GIRL cannot fulfill the order requested by the buyer. Under no circumstances NIÑA BONITA, will accept refunds of money to the buyer for reasons other than those described above. If the product does not meet the buyer’s expectations, a coupon may be issued for the net value of the product, but the shipping cost is not included, but no money refunds will be made. Taking into account that the product conserves the standard design, if the product was manufactured with specific descriptions by the client, it does not apply for this benefit.

If the user receives the defective or damaged product, NIÑA BONITA is responsible for the relevant exchange and shipping costs, as long as the request is made within 30 calendar days from the purchase or generation of the invoice.
For all guarantees, the product enters a review process by the quality department of NIÑA BONITA. If it is found that it is a factory error, NIÑA BONITA will proceed to return the product for the same reference as long as it is available. If the product is out of stock for any reason, NIÑA BONITA will proceed to issue a coupon for the net value of the product to be exchanged for any other product within the website. This review can take up to 15 business days from the request.

Purchase contract

The contract between the user and NIÑA BONITA is perfected when the purchase offer made by the user is accepted by NIÑA BONITA. The contract will be governed by the terms defined in this document, which govern the sale of the products and / or services offered on this website.
The services of NIÑA BONITA are only available to those users who have the legal capacity to contract, according to the provisions of current Colombian legislation. If the user does not have the legal capacity to contract, we ask them not to use the NIÑA BONITA website. In no event will NIÑA BONITA be obliged to accept a purchase offer.

NIÑA BONITA, offers and extends to its users, the invitation to buy the different products and services that are stated and / or described on this website.

For NIÑA BONITA to consider an offer valid by the user, the following steps are required: enter the NIÑA BONITA page, select the products or services you wish to purchase, accept the Terms and Conditions of the page, Fill in the customer’s personal data, select the payment method, fill in the data that, depending on the payment method, are necessary to carry out the same, as well as the other data that NIÑA BONITA considers necessary so that said purchase can be made. Once the payment is approved and verified, the offer is understood to have been accepted by NIÑA BONITA. NIÑA BONITA approves the offer in the same user payment process. However, at the discretion of NIÑA BONITA may accept or reject an offer.

Before submitting a purchase offer, the user must accept the Terms and Conditions of this website and additionally accept the terms of payment of the corresponding price, in accordance with the means of payment made available to them.

NIÑA BONITA makes available to the user, a secure connection system for all the realization of all the purchase offers, but in no case, NIÑA BONITA will be responsible for the failures in the communications of the banking or credit entities, as well as neither of the damages caused to the users on the occasion of an action or omission of said entities.

NIÑA BONITA offers as payment platforms: PAY U LATAM, MERCADO PAGO and PAY PAL. The payment methods that govern this relationship are those that each payment platform offers.

The user must assume the charges for handling and insurance of the products and / or services acquired in NIÑA BONITA.

Similarly, it is the responsibility of the user to assume all sales taxes, value added taxes and any other taxes and charges that are caused by each accepted purchase offer. All taxes caused by the purchase will be settled from the moment the client makes his purchase offer on this site, and therefore he will be able to know the exact value that he must pay in favor of NIÑA BONITA, which will include all the aforementioned concepts.

The contract is understood to be perfected with the acceptance of the offer by NIÑA BONITA. NIÑA BONITA may partially accept purchase offers, in which case the contract will be concluded only for the products and / or services accepted by NIÑA BONITA.

In the event of payment for the electronic payment platforms offered by NIÑA BONITA, in accordance with the provisions of this site, the ownership of the products and / or services will be transmitted to the user from the moment they are dispatched and leave the PRETTY GIRL facilities.

The products will be delivered to the address registered by the user in the offer and it can only be modified, before the product is dispatched from the facilities of NIÑA BONITA.

It is understood that any person who is at the address where the delivery is to be made, is duly authorized by the client to receive their order, and therefore GIRL BEAUTIFUL is exonerated from any responsibility for the delivery that will be made, provided that it is do at the address registered on our site.

If no one receives the order at the indicated address, NIÑA BONITA will proceed to return the products and / or services to NIÑA BONITA, and the client will be obliged to contact us within a maximum term of five (5) calendar days so that we can proceed to its forwarding, in which case the expenses generated by the same will be borne by the client, and until they are canceled, NIÑA BONITA will not be obliged to do the dispatch again.

If the client does not proceed to request the reshipment within the indicated term, or does not cancel the additional value for the reshipment, NIÑA BONITA may withdraw from the business, and will be obliged only to refund the amount paid for the products and / or services through a purchase voucher issued by NIÑA BONITA for use within the website, discounting the value of the expenses incurred for transport.

NIÑA BONITA’s policy is to constantly update and review the products and / or services displayed on this site. NIÑA BONITA may modify and discontinue products and / or services at any time.

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